Biden Pushes Vaccine Passports – WHO Opposes It

By Craig Richards,

WASHINGTON – The Biden administration is pushing the idea of Vaccine Passports. With those who have recovered from COVID and those who have taken the vaccines still required to wear masks, the President wants even more restrictions imposed on the population.

A "vaccine passport" is provided to anyone who gets a COVID-19 vaccine. The individual would receive an electronic app or QR code to give them access to various locations or activities. In essence the passport would become a members only form of economy.

While some question the effects of the vaccines or even the safety of the rapidly produced medicine, this requirement would not allow for individuals to make decision on their own body or faith-based opposition to the shots. The effort argues a claim for public safety being above the constitutional right of choice.

Not everyone is in favor of the Vaccine Passport, including an unlikely opponent. The World Health Organization is opposing the requirement. While the President made sure the U.S. rejoined the WHO at the tune of $200 million dollars, it was the WHO that has come out against any form of “vaccine passport”, including any idea of a documentation of proof of immunity. UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson also pointed out that there are too many looming ethical questions about the concept.


Vaccine Choice Canada, a pro-vaccine choice Canadian group, released a statement opposed to the notion. “Any action that would require Canadians to produce a ‘vaccine Immunity passport’ or similar documentation to pursue life, liberty and happiness is unconstitutional and a deeply disturbing violation of our Canadian Charter of rights and freedoms.”

The same opposition is being raised in the U.S. as constitutionalist argue that the forced use of a “vaccine passport” infringes on the rights of people to exercise their rights over their own bodies and especially what they choose to put in them - a traditionally democratic platform.

In a changing landscape of COVID 19 dos and don’ts, the implementation of a rigid policy amidst new vaccine science that has not passed the test of time could prove both unconstitutional and detrimental to the American public.