November 24, 2020


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Sept. 19, 2020

Remembering Roy

Downtown Thunder holds its only 2020 event in order to honor one of their own

Nov. 3, 2020

City of Petersburg

Complete breakdown of the 2020 election results from the national races to city council

Nov. 24, 2020

"Feed the Need" Launched

The City of Petersburg and local restaurants launched a city-wide food/meals program on Wednesday Nov. 24th 

Nov. 13, 2020

FFTA Schedule Announced

Friday for th Arts announces upcoming schedule including multiple music venues and additional activities and products.

Nov. 5, 2020

Virtual Learning Continues

Officials decide to continue virtual learning throughout city as COVID 19 cases rise.

Nov. 14, 2020

COVID 19 City Update

Virginia Department of Health releases updated COVID 19 numbers for the City of Petersburg, Virginia


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